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I love listening to music, who doesn’t? Whenever I write I try to have music on in the background, something that sets a good mood for the scene I’m busy with. In fact, what ever I’m doing there is music there.  Right now I’m listening to my daughter’s music and we have the Pussycat dolls – Button, playing.  This brings back memories of our burlesque class we attend on Thursday evenings.

I enjoy all types of music, from classical to bit of thrash metal. I was brought up in the 70’s with my parents playing Elvis Presley, Cilla Black and watching films like My Fair Lady which were jam packed with great songs. My sibling’s added to the mixing pot with the likes of Bay City Rollers, Pink Floyd, ELP and The Bettles.

As a teen I couldn’t decide if I was a punk, rocker, mod or new romantic so I had ago at each. Bon Jovi, Ultravox, David Bowie and dare I say it, Adam and the Ants where amongst my favourite bands.

I love covers, not sure if a few of my post contain any but I will be adding a page of my favourite covered songs at some point. I love a new twist to an old song or even finding the cover I love to a song I couldn’t stand in the first place. Q Music Sessions by WithinTemptation proves my point.  (I will let you click on the link and check it out.) An album full of covers and they are GREAT.

So here’s to all the different genre’s of music and the artist that feed our inspiration.  And here’s one from my musically diverse youth.

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