Character Theme Songs

When I started writing The Tales of Alhanassa and creating the character profiles, I found certain songs had me thinking about them. I’m sure I’m not the only writer that does this. So on this page I’m going to share my characters and the songs that reminds me of them. The characters below are from Your Embrace, the original Tales of Alhanassa story that will be published once I have finished the Sisterhood trilogy.

Princess Kohinora

Unwilling to let the past and the death of her mother go, Kohinora blames her father rather than face up to the evil that threatens their world. Reluctant to take on her royal duties and provide an heir with the accepted lineage , she looks for ways to occupy her time, escaping the palace, she often ends up in trouble. In the confusion of figuring out who she is, Kohinora falls in love and takes a chance that forces her to face the leader that his hidden within her.

All I Need by Within Temptation is Kohinora’s song. To me, it tells of her inner turmoil, the struggle between her free spirit and royal duties that govern her life.  What will validate her as a woman? Love, her standing as the next queen of Leilan or providing a much needed heir?

Prince Rosh’hane

The following song, Hand of Sorrow, also by Within Temptation, is Rosh’hane’s story.  Adopted into the royal family and his magical abilities exploited, he’s was taught to protect the crown at all costs. Rosh’hane is ruled by his own sense of duty but deep down, he know that duty is misplaces.



Commander of the Royal Guard and proud of it. He’s fought his way up from the bottom to take the most prestigious job within the Leian army.  Along with that comes the responsibility to keep Princess Kohinora safe, not an easy job! His loyalty, fearlessness and a knack for getting the job done, even if it means breaking the rules, makes him a formidable force.

Markus  comes from royal stock; his mother, Governess of Astra Rise sent him to the academy to become a cadet. His position would have him in the right locations to fulfil a promise made to their family long ago.  Markus is strong willed, he wants to charter his own life and be the best version of himself.  However, it never feels like he has his parents approval.  Unlike Kohinora, Markus doesn’t need validation for who he is, he simply wants to get on with his life.

Second Chance by Shinedown is Markus’ song.  Following his own path but still having respect and love for his family.

Tadhag has defied the goddess and lived longer than he should. For a long time he was trapped withing a statue of himself! He predates the magic of Alhanassa being divided, or so he claims. Magic has never served him well and often found himself a pawn in the hands of feuding princesses. Fleeing for his life he takes his family and hides them away.  Metallica’s The Unforgiving reminds me of the struggle that brought him into my books.