Where Did it all Begin?

Alhannasa, a land of beauty and diversity, created by the Most High Goddess, Bodelia. She planned that her ‘children’ those which will inhabit the world she’d made, would rule the land now the time had come for her to leave. The Immortal Council grew restless with her long absence, she knew her duty could be delayed no longer. Yet she wouldn’t completely abandon that which she had made. She would leave the Lesser Goddesses, her sisters, to watch over Alhanassa. With the aid of their magic, the mortals would surely flourish.

The inspiration for the magical world I called Alhanassa comes from my love of nature. I’m British and I love the British country side, this lush island which I have nowhere near finished exploring, inspires me to put my characters in the places I’ve visited and loved. When describing places I have tried to keep the location I have in mind out of the descriptions. My daughters will often say to me “Hey Mum is that (Insert location name here)?” It makes me smile when they figure it out too. However, the UK doesn’t have vast sand dunes and deserts or rain forests but we do have snow topped mountains, beautiful lakes and lochs, we have rolling hills and patchwork vales. (The featured image is from our holiday in 2013 to Scotland, it’s taken from the camper van window of (I think) the Isle of Sky.)

Another reason for Alhanassa and the Goddesses is our own disturbing history.  I love to read historical novels but am appalled by how girls and woman were treated pre 20th century. I am not a feminist by no means and love it when a man opens the door for me or refrains from swearing simply because I am present. There is nothing wrong with a bit of old fashion chivalry. On Alhanassa, Queens rule, Priestesses and Governesses lead the parliaments. Baronesses run the land. Oh, men have their place, they are still strong and there are plenty of knights protecting kingdoms. However, they also take the name of their wife and look after the children. Until a man has given his woman a daughter he is not deemed worthy to take as a husband.

Where I do write fantasy with a good amount of romance and lasciviousness, I also feel my work should have a 18 cert because of the level of horror and violence that can be found in places. Not that I’m great at writing big epic battle scenes and gory stuff but I do like to twist plots with torture and death! Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch was the first to tell writers to ‘murder your darlings’ then coined by Stephen King who also said ‘kill your darlings’.

2 thoughts on “Where Did it all Begin?

  1. Hi SD,
    I loved the inversion of a world in which women rule. That gives you a great canvas on which to deal with all kinds of real-world issues. I took a look at your story, and clearly you’ve poured a lot of your passion into world-building. It’s richly imagined. I’m glad you decided to share your work. Getting critiques from other writers and readers is the best way to improve.

    Just one thought. I had always understood that “kill your darlings” referred to the need to ruthlessly remove, while editing, anything that doesn’t support the development of the plot. But of course, you can always use it as licence for murder and mayhem in your story. Good luck!

    all the best,

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