Coping With The Heat.

A lot of Brits spend a good amount of time complaining about the weather! It’s too cold, it rains too much, summers don’t last long enough. I like the British weather. Usually it’s never too hot to cope with. Until yesterday (1st July) and today.

I spent the day with my editor yesterday, it was too hot to work! We sat with fans pointing at us and only managed to get though half a chapter. Mind you we did have a giggle about feathers being feathery! Even after the thunder has spent an hour rolling around the sky like a spoilt brat throwing a strop, the air quality was draining. 6 PM was the first time this year I’ve had a chance to sit out in the sun and do nothing. It was still hot at a time when my back garden is usually cooling down.

I had the first of many physiotherapy appointments to attend today. I thought it was a good idea to walk, I stuck my earvbuds in and off I went. I had to  stop every ten minutes to take in some air but there wasn’t any to breathe in! I managed to get there on time. Physio guy was lovely and happy with my progress. I can walk as much as I want at a natural pace but I have to listen to my body and not over do it.

Here are some of the things I’ve done to help cope with the heat.

  • Always wear a hat (preferably one that covers the back of your neck as well as your head)
  • Always slap a good factor sun lotion on
  • Take a drink! Water if you can drink it
  • Plan ahead whether it be a short trip out walking or a longer one in the car
  • Cool down with tepid cloth on the back of your neck – never use cold especially if you think you have sun stroke
  • Pop a glass of ice or a picnic ice pack in front of a fan
  • Open your loft hatch and leave it open to let all the hot air go into your loft and not your bedrooms
  • Drink plenty of fluid, small sips not big gulps

I have a song for today, it was on my play list and just made me think of the heat and blue sky. Listening to Joe Bonamassa skilfully play the guitar with such emotion, also made me think of the thunder storms we experiencing.

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