Thunderstorms & Sleepless Nights

I’m not 100% sure what woke me up last night, whole upstairs been plunged into daylight for a few seconds or the sound of the thunder? I lay there in bed for what seemed like ten minutes then got up when I heard the dog crying in the kitchen. I opened the back door and watched the rain pelt the canvas on the gazebo. It bounced off the path and ran like tiny rivers down towards the grass.  The dog sat at my feet unwilling to venture passed the open door. When the whole sky lit up again my cowered German Sheppard ran for cover under my desk.


The air was finally breathable as it breezed into the house and down the hall way. I got a hot drink and ventured into the darkened living room and dining room. There, with curtains open, from one end of the house to the other and a big shaking dog curled up on the sofa next to me, we watched the storm. After one flash that lit every window up and the  following thunder shook the glass, I heard foot steps coming down the stairs. It was my youngest son, the only other person in the house. Like my dog, youngest son (who is 16 and 6″ 4′) was a little shaken. We sat and talked in the dark and watched natures light show before heading back to bed once we could count over ten between lightening and the thunder.


Needless to say, this morning my son and I are a little on the grumpy side due to lack of sleep. However, no rest for the tired because today we have a family BBQ and have to get ready for that. I will leave you with a song/track for today, which was chosen by my son and I thought fit perfectly! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  1. I’ve never been in a thunder storm that bad. Be careful with your dog when the fireworks are going off, they often freak out.

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