Beadnall Northumberland 

So much for setting off at the crack of dawn! We overslept and didn’t leave intil 9am. Thing is, we were supposed to be meeting my brother, the top side of Newcastle at 9. I thought he said set off then!! He wasn’t too pleased when I phoned at 11am to say we were at Stutton Bank! 

Well he arrived at about 12:30 and had the touring caravan set up for us. We rolled up at 4:30. The journey was horrible. The traffic on the A1 around Newcastle was down to one lane and moving slowly.

I must say, the drive was worth it. The scenery is a lot different to what I’m used to. This is very flat but still stunning. It’s very lush and the little villages are beautifully kept. 

We’ve had a little walk around our small but very well kept camp site (camping and caravaning club) and then on to the beach and now we are all tucked up in bed. I’m the designated driver so I’m knackered!! Here are a few photos of our location at Beadnall.  


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