Bamburgh Castle

One of the first tasks, wile holidaying with Mother, is a ‘mad mish’ to find out what is local to our location. Well, just think of my reaction when I cam across Bamburgh Castle! 

Many times I have imagined certain locations for Alhanassa. Inspiration has come, mostly from the Internet. There is one particular castle in Torlan that I have had in my head for a long time. Alha’enna is Torlan capital city and was once the seat of the Queen of Alhanassa, before the Great War and The Burning. (You will have to read the books when finished to find out about them). It’s majestic castle stand high on a hill and overlooks the city below but one side of the castle is facing the East Ocean. And today I found it! 

I possibly have images on my laptop of this castle, however, to see it for real was breathtaking! We approached it from Seahouses and had no clue it was there. I almost stopped the car just to look. It simply loomed from around five miles away. A beautiful stone castle surrounded by lush green fields, blue sea and whispy white clouds. 

We didn’t go in today, there was a triathlon going on and the place was far too busy for Mother’s wheelchair. BUT, we will be spending the day there. Hopefully the rain that started to pour down at 6pm tonight will head off and give us a reasonable day Tuesday or Thursday. (We have two weeks here). 


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