What do I read?

So, what books does an inspiring author read? Good grief! Lots of stuff… I was always told I should immerse myself in my own genre. If you have read Bodelia’s Anguish (The first thing I’v had published, a short story of 4000 words and the prelude to the Tales of Alhanassa.) you will see there is a good bit of romance and hopefully a sense of adventure and even darkness too. So you can see I have do have varied reading likes.

I was brought up reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and The Faraway Tree and for the longest of times I thought she wrote The Naughtiest Girl about me! I moved on to What Katie Did and What Katie Did Next. I loved them all but quickly grew out of them. By the age of 14, I was pretty board by the books aimed at my sex and age.

I remember sitting on the stairs at the house I grew up in. It was a nice, modest, council house in the heart of the Yorkshire mining community. We had recently survived a miners strike, lorry drivers and train drivers strike and having to stand outside shops for basics such as sugar while my older brother was sent in to buy a second bag because it was one bag per customer. My oldest brother was around with his best friend that day, I used to be in awe of them both. They were adults but still young, just setting out on adult life and spreading their wings.

My brother’s friend G (I’ll call him), asked me what was wrong, when I told him I was board and had no new books to read he advised me to go to the library and look up a book by Stephen King called The Talisman. I can’t remember anything from the time I opened the book till I finished the last page. I mean, real life was lost to me as I journeyed with Travelling Jack to The Territories.  I was hooked!! Salem’s Lot was next and the first book to make me slam it shut in fear. In fact, last week I decided to remind myself just how much I enjoyed Jackie Boy’s story and started to read The Talisman again, probably for the third time.

so shhh…. go away….. I’m reading!

I had this idea of doing a book review for my favourite authors, be they traditionally published or interdependently published. However, sat her typing I realise I’ve read a lot of bloody books and back tracking them all would take time, leaving me with no time to write or read! And we cant have that. Just reviewing the Stephen King books I’ve read would take far too long (for now). So the reviews will come as I read them.

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