Nicky Charles

I guess after what I wrote about my adoration for Stephen King, this first post here is a bit of a surprise? 

I do hope so.

After my love of Horror, I would say Paranormal Romance is my next favourite book to read. The picture here is from the Law of the Lycan series.



Nicky Charles

A series of paranormal romances, featuring Alpha males and dangerous rogues, steamy love scenes, suspense, action and, of course, happily-ever-afters. Based around an ancient tome called the Book of the Law, each novel reveals a new twist, a new layer within the Lycan universe.

I first discovered Nicky Charles in 2011 after a bad bout of feeling sorry for myself with the flu! I was packed off to bed where my low mood would not rub off on the family. Having received an android tablet for my birthday I had a look what books I could get for free through the app that was already on there.

What I found was ‘The Keeping” which is the second book in the series,  no idea why “The Mating” didn’t show also. Anyway, I began to read and instantly loved reading about the freelance journalist who had been given a job that was ‘too good to be true’. I’m not going to write too much about the story as I would hope your curiosity is pricked enough for you to follow the links above and read for yourself. What I will tell you is each book in the series has its own individual tale and can be enjoyed as stand alones.

However, there is a back story that links them all, which has each book revealing more about the world Nicky has masterfully created.

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