Stephen King

All Hail The Master!

There are many reasons that Stephen King’s books keep me coming back to be scared out of my wits. Even looking at the cover of a new King book gives me a jolt of excitement.  I’ve come to expect a lot from him over the years and he never fails to deliver.

I may not always be so scared I slam the book shut, (like I did with Salem’s Lot) or spend the night sleeping with my parents because I’m too scared to go in my own room, (I did that with Carrie back when I was 15!) or be so angry over the loss of a character that I sit there crying, (too many to mention!!!!) but I am always satisfied and sad that the book came to an end.

Recently I had to pack up the book cases to paint behind them and I enjoyed looking at all the books that I own. My daughter, Amy and I shared memories of reading certain ones and found others that we would love to read again. I found one book by Stephen King that I had not yet read, it had been a gift from one of my other children and in all honestly, I had forgotten it was there. I sat on the floor and read the synopsis and wondered how on earth I could have committed such a crime!! An unread Stephen King book on my shelf!! A couple of hours later my husband tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “I thought you were packing those away?” I had no idea I’d been sat on the floor that long. After helping me and my stiff legs stand up he shuck his head at me and helped to finish the packing. That book is now at the very top of my reading pile. I have half a book to read and then I can start it again from the beginning.

I’ve read the books King has written about writing and gotten so much from his experiences that I do feel I am a better writer, not just for reading those books because I’ve tried to do what he suggest! It’s getting your head in the right place and getting on with it!