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Why Magic? Why Not?

If you have read my other pages and post  you will know why I created The Tales of Alhanassa. However, why magic? WHY NOT? Doesn’t everyone wish they had magical powers to help them through daily life? Alhanassa’s magic comes from the goddesses that rule the world. Bodelia gave her three sisters that charge. Magic can be practised by anyone that it works for, simple by channelling the goddess they were born under, however, only those born when their moon is full can truly master that magic.

Take Kohinora, you will meet her in Your Embrace, the first book in The Majestic Chronicles (name subject to change), she was born during the full moon of Ostar, on the third night when the lesser goddess is the strongest. Even though she is young when you meet her, she has natural powers that others don’t have. Dinora, her closest friend, was born during Lithna, (kinda like our summer time) but not during a full moon, she has some magical powers, she can flame, (a transportation  power where one vanishes in a…. flame and appears at another location). The rest of her powers are more practical.

Things the people of my world take for granted. 

Turning fluids in to ice. In one of my books I have a street vendor making what we would call a slushy! On his cart he has fresh fruit, which he chops or mashes up and adds it to water or milk. Placing it in to a silver jug (or is it glass, I cant remember and seen as the story it belongs to is still in handwritten form I’m not going to look to clarify it) he places a long spoon like utensil within and begins to stir. His magic takes over and the spoon moves on its own, cold builds and turns the fruit, milk and whatever else he’s placed in there, into a refreshing drink!

Food is kept cold by employing any acolyte of Imbhane, that can freeze or keep a room cold by the use of their goddess given powers.

Cooking, who needs a stove when you have an acolyte that practises the magic of Lithna which is based on heat and fire.  I’ve played with the idea of having prisoners clearing out city sewers by using Lithna magic, not sure about that just yet.

And the practical uses of Ostar magic? Where illnesses and disease can not be cured by magic, accidental damage can be. So you cut yourself or brake a bone then you can be healed. BUT be aware, it hurts! Why would speeding up a natural healing process be painless? I like this aspect, yes is a cliché but I don’t care.  Other practical uses is producing a ball of light to use as a torch. It’s a simple skill, some would say, yet, getting it to move in the right direction has added to some funny outcomes within the pages of my books.

OOps!! This reminds me that I shouldn’t really be messing with my blog. I have a book to finish typing up! Cya all soon.

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