Dark Magic Rising

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Follow Lynwen and her colleagues as they try to unfold the mystery of the one who allegedly, will reunite the divided nations. They discover the fallen god who plans to wreak havoc on their world. Lynwen fast realises that magic is no match for this new foe and the reunifying of their people will have to wait. Romance flourishes amid a battle for their lives as the beasts created by the fallen god tear their newly formed trust apart and send them hurtling into a trap. Will this new found unity be enough to save them all?

There was a strained peace between the Torian and Leian people but Lynwen belongs to neither side. An ancient mandate to protect Alhanassa’s vast knowledge places her in a precarious position as she is thrown into a group of mixed nationalities. However, overcoming the diversity within their small company forges friendships Lynwen will never forget.

Lynwen’s life in The Clar’han Order was simple and uncomplicated by romantic relationships but being away from The Order gave her the opportunity to seek out a little male companionship. Kendrich shares Lynwen’s passion for history, he is mysterious and charming, where Captain Colbon is hot-headed and arrogant. The prospect of figuring these two men out lighten her journey.

The expedition to the Northern Islands needs a Clar’han sister to oversee any information found and to secure artefacts for the benefit of all, not just one nation, but Lynwen is anxious from the start. One of the group members misleads her to believing she is important to their cause when in reality, just like the others, she is expendable. They battle the harsh terrain and the bitter cold of the season as well as the relentless beasts of a fallen god. An underhanded agenda to their trip puts them all in danger. Secrets and lies never end well.