The Magic of Flaming

One of the fun aspects of creating your own fantasy world is the unlimited possibilities. Coming up with the flaming ability was easy and probably a little cliché but I love a lot of the fantasy clichés, it’s what makes the genre so immense.  Teleportation is a must for any magical creature. Leo does it in Charmed, he disappears in to a pillar of orbs. Stephen King gives Travelling Jack the ability to flip between realities using a nasty tasting drink. Nicky Charles in her Law of the Lycan series, gives the blue blooded lycans this ability. Jan Gordon, another indie author, has her panther shifters teleporting too. I could go on but they are my favourites.

The following paragraph hasn’t been seen yet and wont be for some time as it is from Your Embrace (The Majestic Chronicles) which is still being writing. Kohinora, her younger sister and closest friend are returning home after sneaking out at dawn for some fun.

The three young women pulled up their hoods and in their minds recited the phrase; “Ostar moon, Lithna moon, Imbhane moon—move me hence,” while thinking of the small well around the corner from the south garden gate, not too far from the palace kitchens. Three perfect circles of green flame grew around their feet, quickly turning orange then ice white as they disappeared from the cold bleak meadow.

If you could have the power to teleport, how would you want to do it? Where would you go and for what purpose? Would there be any moral implications of being able to do it?

I would like to flame, like in my books. Travelling between my family members would be easier and a lot cheaper. In my books, the magical people can only flame to places they know, so travelling across the world would still have to be done in more traditional methods.

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